Cost Effective Construction Mentorship Solutions

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Contract and Project Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd  (CPMC) was established in 2016 to provide the industry with innovative, Cost-Effective Construction Mentorship Solutions with a strong focus on sustainable mentorship for Local Emerging Contractors and Consultants.

We pride ourselves on a professional, value-added approach to all our projects and collectively offer our clients over 50 years of construction specific experience.

With each project, our goal is to find a way to improve local communities by empowering them through our projects. By providing opportunity and support, they gain newfound skills and knowledge that enables them to actively and sustainably improve their livelihoods and future.

The Company is based in Kwa-Zulu Natal and is a 100% Female owned organisation with a 55% black shareholder base.

Our Mission

To improve the South African Construction Industry by providing sustainable mentorship, skills and expertise; with the ultimate goal of unlocking a sustainable, empowered and buoyant construction industry which contributes positively to the South African economy.

Our Vision

Our vision is the realisation of empowered and motivated local communities, improving their livelihoods, growing successful businesses, creating employment and contributing in a buoyant, equal opportunity economy… providing a sustainable future for generations to come.